AT&T PrePaid: Delivering on a Brand Promise–Good Call!

“An easy and convenient way to stay connected–from THE brand you can trust.”

That’s quite a promise–and that’s exactly what AT&T delivered across various channels and markets for their PrePaid line of products. As a working manager, I ensured that all the creative I was responsible for (packaging, card design, direct mail, promotions, and advertising) tracked back to a single core promise.

The emotional connection to “ease and convenience” meant something very unique to each audience segment:

  • For callers, AT&T PrePaid made calling convenient with no bills, no coins, no hassles.
  • For retailers offering prepaid cards in their stores, AT&T PrePaid provided a program that was easy to implement and came with all the support needed to successfully offer customers the biggest brand in prepaid calling.
  • For organizations looking to run promotional campaigns, AT&T PrePaid made it easy to leverage not only the AT&T brand, but also the powerful Star Trek brand alongside their own.
  • For collectors, AT&T PrePaid made collecting prepaid cards easy and convenient through major retail outlets and online avenues, with popular genres like Star Trek and the NBA.
  • For gift-givers, AT&T PrePaid made finding the perfect gift for any occasion easy and convenient through popular retail outlets and online, with cards at multiple price points offering a range of denominations.