Ortho: Bringing New Blood to a 75-Year-Old Start-Up

We pioneered in vitro diagnostics. Then became part of Kodak. Then J&J. So, who would we be next?

We asked this of ourselves—so did our customers. Together, we “Reimagined What’s Possible”.

This meant new processes, infrastructure, brand identity, and a new way of doing business. What held firm was our purpose of improving and saving lives with diagnostics as a trusted advisor and partner in the lab.

Externally, we connected with stakeholders through creative excellence and meaningful end-to-end brand experiences:

  • Targeted messaging
  • New photography of heroes in the lab
  • A streamlined global RFP process
  • Automated products
  • Improved issues communications
  • Mobile lab demos
  • Social media engagement
  • C-suite presentations (to employees, investors, customers, media, and industry leaders)
  • A more robust web presence with a smarter user focus

Internally, I created all the brand tools and assets needed to effectively communicate the Ortho brand globally.
Next, I developed an employee brand ambassador initiative to shift the mindset to how we all were “Reimaging What’s Possible” in our work every day. Intranet stories ranged from establishing new patents to improving processes to providing a better customer experience. It was a popular intranet feature and won an IABC Gold Quill Award.

It all worked—Ortho steadily increased its NPS rating and garnered coveted global industry awards for customer service, functional excellence, innovation and brand renovation.