Supporting a Foundation Steeped in Purpose

Teal Tea Foundation

Ovarian cancer, the “silent killer”, takes a long time to present, but early detection saves lives. That means awareness is critical. While 20-25% of cases are hereditary, an overwhelming majority of victims are affected without warning. The Teal Tea Foundation works tirelessly to generate awareness and raise funds for the research that will one day lead to a cure.

I started supporting the organization years before my own battle with cancer (read more about my personal story). Once in remission, my new perspective on fighting cancer drove a more passionate approach to the communications I created for the Teal Tea Foundation. We asked our audience to “See Teal” not only to prevent ovarian cancer, but to kick its ass.

The Teal Tea Foundation can use your help to support the cause, the victims, and their families. To learn more about the Teal Tea Foundation, visit